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Siemsens Gaard
Zipcode: 3740
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Like Svaneke itself Hotel Siemsens Gaard is filled with an interesting history. In the old well-restored merchants store, it is not difficult to indulge in nostalgia of a distant past. If the walls could speak, we would hear tales of a hectic life in the time of the great sailing-ships, where Siemsens Gaard was a trading business of considerable size.
Hotel Østersøen
Zipcode: DK-3700
Price from 125€
Lots of activities for you and your family. New playmates for your children. They'll have fun at the playground or the swimming pool. The BMX cycling track has speeding thrills for all ages. The day draws to a close. An evening stroll along the beach. Barefott in the warm sand. The sun sets on the horizon. Relaxing.
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