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Hai Tian Hotel
Zipcode: 266071
Price from 214$
The Hai Tian Hotel Management Group (HTHMG), former the Hai Tian Hotel Management Company, is the only national and professional hotel management company in Shandong Province approved by the National Tourism Administration. It has 17 years of professional experience creating models for managing five star hotels.
Shangri-La Hotel Qingdao
Zipcode: 266071
Price from 200$
As you stand by the window of your suite, the opaline colours of an azure sea and sandy beaches remind you again of where you are. You take a deep breath as your hands waltz across the tasteful furnishings. Hints of a muted fragrance caress you gently. In all of scenic Qingdao, there is only one place synonymous with luxury – Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao.
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