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Cabins Juniper Well Ranch
Zipcode: AZ 86338
Price from 140$
Enjoy the peace and quiet that surrounds. In summer feel the breezes through 1000-year old junipers, pinions and oaks. In winter, your cabin is cozy with its woodstove and quilts. A white carpet of snow may greet you in the morning. The air is always clear and the views are breathtaking.
Hotel Vendome
Zipcode: AZ 86303
Price from 89$
Built in 1917, this two-story landmark hotel has been lovingly restored and romantically enhanced to its original grandeur. The authentic western atmosphere draws people from all over the world, including some Hollywood celebrities. It has been a home to Tom Mix, a silent cowboy film star from Hollywood's pioneer days when he was making movies in Prescott, renting a room for a year at a time. Today, it remains a favorite getaway to many that are seeking accommodations with more character, wanting their lodging experience to be as warm and memorable as Prescott itself.
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