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Zipcode: 37215
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"RECREATION AREA AND QUALITY OF LIFE" Specially designed as a space of peace and tranquility, built in a simple stone hidden in a natural area beside the river Uces. Decorated mostly with recycled materials, furniture and tools restored, little details that get cozy harmony, constant elements that reference the field, to rural and nature, art hangs on the walls, aromas of natural essences of garden flowers. Open for families, groups of friends, couples in love, working groups, associations, tourism GLS, nature lovers ................ It has 16 beds with option to 2 extra beds spread over 5 doubles, 1 double and 1 quad wheelchair accessible, all with private bathroom. Large living room with fireplace, library and assortment of recreational games. We offer meals and homemade dinners. Specializing in land meats, cold cuts excellent. Orchard has worked in a natural and ecological.
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