World Best Rooms pays for your accommodation !!


WBR pays for your accommodation!

How does it work? WBR will pay for your stay if it coincides with the 1000th visit to the accommodation you have booked. Every 1000 visits you´ll have the possibility of having your holiday accommodation paid for by WBR!

How do I do this? If you have booked accommodation through WBR you only need to send us proof from the hotel of your reservation, the IP of the computer, and the time and date you made the booking.

What is the prize? The prize includes the payment of the accommodation for the total number of days that you’ve booked your holiday. This does not include special services such as breakfast, late check-in or bills that are likely to arise during the stay.

WBR reserves the right to refuse the award if there is evidence that visits have been made with the sole purpose of winning the prize, as well as in cases where IP information and bookings have been tampered with.

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