Where can I advertise my accommodation website ?


Where To Advertise

This is important to promote your website and your accommodation business. Although there is a wide range of advertising media, we will see the best and most effective places to put your links for free.

Classified Ads

On the Internet, there are many sites that will offer the ability to place ads , accompanied by links to your website. When you enter a page of classified ads, you will see that there are several categories of ads, this a good option to place your link in many sites and get presence in that web but also google can see you better.

Thematic forums

I recommend you search for forums that deal with the content of your website. You can find them through your web browser . You can find from forums that require prior registration.

When posting in a forum , respects the seriousness of it. Those who require previous registration , often have a moderator , which will eliminate any user who is dedicated to putting advertising. Post advertising is not the same as leaving a link to your website, after making a comment about a topic discussed in the forum.

Safe list

Insurance listings , are not very effective , because most of members, only cares to send advertising ignoring the rest . However some of these lists offer some compensation, as let you do advertise your link in their website.

Accommodation search engines 

It is very important to be visible on maximum search engines. When people looks for a room in an accommodation search engine ( like booking.com, hostelworld.com, worldbestrooms.com, etc.. ) usually this person looks at all of them to compare prices, and appear in all search engines give serious image of the company, if you are  not in the next search engine is probably the person will choose another one . From us strongly recommend signing up for the maximum possible search engine , whether OPAS type or direct link to the hotel .




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