Travelling with children: where to stay?


Looking for accomodation when travelling with children is not always an easy issue. In fact, it is quite difficult to know if children fit in the same double room, and as of what ages they count as independent guests. Babies also lead to other questions, such as if the extra bed is included or whether the bed is big enough for the three of you. So, if you are a couple who has to deal with these type of handicaps, you better take this advice and you will make the booking process much easier.

First of all, if you are booking a hotel room, you better contact directly with the place. If you want to avoid some last minute surprises, you should ask them if they have cradles or extra beds for your kids and, this is quite important, if that increases the price. Try not to book a familiar suite, since it can be exorbitantly expensive, and ask what is the limit age for children to be free.

On the other hand, renting an apartment or a rural homes can be much more comfortable for the whole family and, in some cases, it can be even cheaper than a hotel room. Of course, it always depends on the area you travel to and, of course, on the type of trip you are thinking of: if you want to relax and forget about your daily routine, you better do not rent an apartment, where maybe someone will have to cook or clean up!

Travelling with children can be a fantastic experience, both for the kids but also for their parents, since it is a different way to get to know your children. But, do not forget that having children means responsability and, very usually, you will have to put your little one on the first place of everything. And «everything» might include a comfortable and luxous hotel room!!

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