Touristic apartments: advantages and disadvantages

Accomodation is one of the main problem when travelling, not only to our pockets, but because there are many offers which have to be taken into account. Apartments are one of the most considerated options and, as everything, it has its advantages and its disadvantages.

Renting an apartment means enjoying from intimity, because the renter own the whole flat. This means that kitchen doesn’t have to be shared and that there is no need to queue for going to the bathroom. At the same time, the renter is free to do whatever he wants inside the apartment, as long as he respects the neighbours. For those couples with children, renting an apartment is a good choice, since it allows them to prepare feeding bottles or purees for their babies. Furthermore, it is much more economical buying food in a supermarket and cooking at home than going to a restaurant everyday, as hotels require.

But when choosing an apartment, one thing to be taken into account is the loss of comfortability, which can be offered by a hotel. Renters have to cook if they don’t want to pay for a restaurant, and it is them who have to clean up the kitchen after each meal, and who have to make their beds in the morning. But, truth to be said, when renting an appartment, it is not shared with anyone else, so there is no obligation to do that everyday, since no one will demand us to leave the bed made every morning, for instance.

In conclusion, at the time of choosing accomodation, not only our economic situation has to be taken into account, but we must choose between intimity or comfortability, and balance them up to know which one we choose. An appartment is, out of doubt, perfect for those who want to go on holidays feeling exactly like being at home.

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