Top destinations for 2013

New year, new journey. This 2013 brings some special destinations, chosen by the prestigious Lonely Planet. According to experts, the best places to visit this year are:

Location: Sri Lanka (ASIA)
Why? A touristically untapped country, Sri Lanka surprises visitors with its rich culture and varied cuisine. It is also an ideal place for practising ecotourism.

Location: Montenegro (EUROPE)
Why? This is one of the most wild places in Europe. Besides, the area in which it is-the Balkans- is the perfect places for doing adventure activities or for staying in direct contact with nature

Location: South Korea (ASIA)
Why? Traditionally eclipsed between China and Japan, South Korea is attracting more and more tourists, thanks to its close neighbor North Korea, where being a tourist is alosmot as complicated as to be one on Mars. In addition, this year various high-level sporting events are taking place in the country, so there will be even more efforts to leave a good impression to visitors.

Location: Ecuador (AMERICA)
Why? Compared to Argentina, Brazil and Chile, Ecuador is a much smaller and a much less known country. Thus, it remains untouched and yet to be discovered by travelers. Besides culture or gastronomy, Ecuador is a country of contrasts between the sea area, the mountains and the Amazon. The Galapagos Islands also belong to Ecuador. The railway line will be renewed this 2013, facilitating displacement in the country.
Our recommendation: finding accommodation in Ecuador is relatively easy, and there are many places to look for it. We recommend the following site:

Location: Slovakia (EUROPE)
Why? Born in 1993, Slovakia cturns 20 this 2013. Bratislava is not only a fascinating city, but the various castles and villages that decorate the country make Slovakia a deserved place to be visited.
Our recommendation: in Bratislava, the main city of Slovakia, there are hotel rooms from 30 €:

Location: Solomon Islands (ASIA)
Why? What of the Solomon Islands, in the middle of the Pacific ocean, you can not see in the photos? The islands are the ideal place for diving, as well as for photography lovers, for those who like exotic cultures and those seeking relaxation. If you want to go to paradise, you are already pointed to the right direction.

Location: Iceland (Europe)
Why? Located in a privileged area, between two continents and near the North Pole, Iceland offers a beautiful scenery with a total disconnection, as well as an amazing cuisine at a very affordable acommodations prices.

Location: Turkey (Europe-Asia)
Why? The country is still struggling to join the UE, and it shows in many ways, especially in its infrastructure. More and more easy to be accessed and visited, Turkey is the country where a biggest contrast can be found in Europe. Cities like Istanbul, Ankara, and its shores lapped by the Mediterranean sea and full of history will not leave anyone indifferent.

Location: Dominican Republic (AMERICA)
Why? It is beginning to be discovered by tourists, so take advantage now that still offers beautiful weather, stunning beaches and a very good food at a reasonable price
Our recommendation: according to the standard of living of the country, accommodation is very affordable. We recommend the following place in Santo Domingo, at about 20 €/ night:

Location: Madagascar (Africa)
Why? This 2013 is scheduled to have an important Madagascar tourism development. This and its  political stability will promote the discovering of a place undeservedly unknown. Fantastic landscapes, endless beaches and great nature reserves are waiting to be enjoyed by new visitors in this African island.

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