Tips for travelling alone


Traveling solo is such an interesting idea, despite not everyone is capable of that. Those who are willing to take a plane on their own and to visit a whole city with no other company than their baggage, can have experiences never had thought before. But, before the takeoff, there is some advice which should not be forgotten.

Firstly, it is very important to be prepared in case of any kind of emergency. This means from being mugged to being in pain. You better write down some hospital telephone numbers or the police address, just in case you ever need their help. Keep in mind that safety is the first thing to take into consideration if you want to enjoy your trip.

But being aware of some handicaps does not mean that you do not have to be open-minded. That is one of the main features of solo travelers. It will be enriching for you to meet new people but, of course, never forget you travel on your own, so do not go shouting from the roof tops that you are alone in a foreign country.

What’s more, it is highly recommendable to take photos. It will help you to remind where you have been once you go back home and, above all, you will let your relatives and closest friends to keep an eye on you.

Finally, you should use the net, so bring your laptop or your tablet with you. The Internet will help you finding accommodation, interesting places, recommended restaurants and any type of bids, apart from alternative routes in case you take last minute decisions and change your plans. Even if it is only  to contact your relatives, use the world wide web!

If you feel like you are prepared for setting out on such an adventure, you really need to focus on enjoying the most this pure freedom. Who knows if you will ever taste it again!

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