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What do people think about when talking about accommodation? Well, undoubtedly, people imagine a room with a bed, at least. That is the base of any kind of lodgment and, as of here, everything can change. Indeed, there are some such unusual accommodation places that they can be really hard to imagine. One of them is a prison. Yes, we are not wrong: tourists can be accommodated in a prison when visiting Latvia, if they book a room at Karosta Prison. It is just as dark and dusty as any old prison could be. Staff dressed up as soldiers will show you the cell and will probably bring the typical menu for prisoners, so that everything can be as real as possible. Of course, prices are not too expensive, but the truth is that such an experience may be priceless!

From Latvia to another Northern country, as Canada is. If you visit it, you should know there is the chance of sleeping inside an iglu, which is called Hotel de Glace and it is placed in Quebec City. It is a completely frozen hotel, starting with its beds and ending with its furniture. You better visit it in winter, before it gets melted!

A little more to the south, in the Idaho state from the USA, there is a surprising B&B. The Dog Bark Park Inn will please both children and animals lovers, because its structure look like a giant dog! Once inside, guests will find all kind of dog-reminding furniture, and even souvenirs. A similar idea had the architect of the Boot Hotel, in New Zealand. As the name shows, this place looks like a big boot from the outside, but this original design can also be appreciated in the inside this cozy hotel.

Finally, we could not end up this article without mentioning the Kolarbyn Eco Lodge, which is a perfectly conditioned hut and a friendly environmental lodge placed in Sweden. From the outside, it looks like a simple hut, but the inside is a cozy wooden bedroom, perfect for any couple seeking for intimacy.

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