The four perspectives of tourism


Going sightseeing or being a tourist is something we hear very often. People recommend us visiting this place or traveling to that other. Nowadays, and partly due to technologic development, tourism is quite an easy activity for many people in the world. But, what are the elements we refer to when talking about tourism? In fact, some investigators have made some research about the issue, and they have stablished that there are four main factors which take part in such activity:

Tourists: of course, they are one of the basic element. In general terms, the visitor looks for different experiences, new places and diverse situations which, all of them, must produce satisfaction. Indeed, that is the main point of tourism: be pleased by what you experience.

Business people: they focus on tourists because they know visitors are an important source of money and they can make profit of them. If there are no people interested in visitors, they will probably not enjoy their trip.

Governments: just like private business people do, so do public institutions. They know tourists can leave amounts of money at the host place, so its government do its best to attract visitors and to produce positive feelings, so that the income of travelers does not diminish.

The host people: people from places whose economic survival is widely based on tourism, are aware of it and try to please visitors. There are many ways to favor them: from being kind and gentle, to keep streets and roads clean. Anyway, interaction is always a positive way to let tourists enjoy their trip.

Now that you know a little bit more about tourism, you can be aware of your own role and take advantage of it!

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