The best tip to book a room

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The first thing to look at before travelling is the Budget you can spend in hotel bookings. From that point you will see which percentage of your Budget you will invest in accommodation, taking into account that that are the most expensive part of the trip expenses. It is suggested not to spend more than half of the budget in it. It is better to choose a different setting style or category than to stop from doing things in a place where you do not know when you will return or that you might not visit again.


Now you can find a huge range of accommodation that can be organised by styles. There are those that focused on the confort (hotels, apartments, villas, etc.); those that are based on having fun and more interrelations within customers (hostels, backpackers, B&B, campings, etc.); and there are also those which offer a more local option and allow you to have experiences with people from the city (guest houses, homestays,  coachsurfing, cottages, etc …). Thus, the second step you have to do is to choose what kind of trip you want to do and therefore in what kind of accommodation you want to be.


Once you decide how much you want to spend and where you want to sleep then the real searching starts. It is obvious that the most important place to search is the Internet; all the establishments of the world are advertised through their own sites. However you might find difficult to find the websites and that is because Internet is flooded of webs that offer reservation services from all the accommodations of the world. The problem you will find is that you will have to do your booking through their website and that means as everyone know that you have to pay an extra charge, called commission.


Therefore our advice is that you always do your booking through the establishment website that you have previously chose. You might be surprised to find special deals offered by hotels on their own websites and at least you can always save the commission that booking intermediary websites charges you.

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