Springtime: where to travel?


The arrival of spring can be an excellent moment to plan a trip. In fact, the heat invites us to start moving and it is widely known that the sunlight makes people happy. So, get rid of winter’s laziness and let’s hit the road! There are many special places to be visited at spring time. Since this is the flowers seasons, Holand and Japan are two unmissable destinations.

The first one, Holand, is a well-known country thanks to its cheese, its bikes and, of course, its tulips. Seeing they blooming and how they fill huge fields of beautiful and lively and colours, is a unique experience. Besides, Holand has many places to be visited: from The Hague to Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Gouda, a nice village famous for its cheese. Tourists can’t get bored traveling through all the country, among immense rainbow fields!

And from tulips to cherry flowers. They are such an awesome spectacle in Japan, that japanese people even have a cultural tradition called hanami, which they celebrate every spring.  It is the best moment for visiting the country, which also has many places and monuments to fulfill the traveler’s expectations.

Apart from these exclusive events, there is still the chance of enjoying the last winter sports of the season, such as skiing and snowboarding. The Alps are a good place to say goodbye to all them, until the following winter season.

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