Show your cell phone and get your hotel

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Nowadays, it is impossible not to associate technology with travelling. By only having a smartphone or a laptop, travellers can plan their whole journey, including transport and accommodation, with no need to give up on comparing lodging prices or on looking for the best bids. Therefore, it is not possible not to link mobile phones to accommodation searching.

In fact, with the development of mobile devices, travelers have at their disposal all kinds of applications that facilitate their trip, from city audio guides, to the option of making online bookings. Maybe that is why, then, more than half of those who own a smartphone use it to learn about issues related to travelling, according to a study by comScore. They use their devices to compare accommodation prices, to take a look at the hotel location or to make their own bookings.

A part from the already typical Internet connection that let handle all the actions described above, there are inventions for everyone and for all tastes: from applications to book travels for large companies executives in a simple search (Amadeus e-Travel Management) to maps with directions with all hosting possibilities in a given area (Spatial Google Play).

All this just shows that mobile telephony is therefore a developing possibility that, with no doubt, hotel reservations agencies just can not ignore.

Do not forget that you can also book your rooms at directly from your cell phone.

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