Lida Khmer House Kep

Look for the name on the wooden sign on the right, half a kilometer on the road from Kep to Kampot.


You might see Lida Khmer House Massage.

Ms. Lida is a leading businesswoman in Kep with a very professional massage and beauty service, along with a hotel and sound advice on any aspect of life in Kep; tourism, travel, health and island hopping.

Lida Khmer House offers the best value in these parts. Stay at the Verandah if you must, but the air is the same here. At less than a tenth of the price, you can afford to breathe it – enjoy, relax and refresh.

A hop on a tuk-tuk has you sitting in the beautiful seaside restaurants of the crab market, or lounging on the clean beach beside the tepid sea, looking out to Rabbit Island and the coastline of Vietnam across the South Thailand sea. Tropical beauty all yours!

Enjoy every moment. Read the local guide and decide what you want to do. Pamper yourself, or find the secret lake, ancient caves, pepper fields, rare birds, special beaches or the colonial mystique of Kampot, some 23 km down the road. You can trek in the Kep National Park or ride your rented scooter to a dozen interesting destinations. This is the unspoiled coast of Cambodia. You can sail or scuba dive, take a day on Rabbit Island, or press on for other paradise spots off and on the coast.

Ms Lida and her team will be waiting for you at the hotel, rooms cleaned to perfection, with drinks and food served in the friendliest circumstances. The evening comes, and you can retire to the rooftop restaurant, play pool one floor below or rest in a hammock – all for $5 a night. Of course you can upgrade to air-conditioning and twin double (4 people) for another $10 – but keep that budget in check. Resist another massage if you can. There are good discounts of 20% or more for residents.OK, just a quick facial!

So what will a weekend for the hard-pressed citizen in the capital cost? $5 each way from Phnom Penh with Hia Luan, Sorya or Capital buses and, let us say two nights at the weekend. Your budget starts at $20 – add a massage and some special seafood, and you could be home with plenty of change from a $50 note – much less per person if there are two of you sharing or a family.

Make sure you check the details of any package you see. There are swimming pools in ‘resorts’ that could pass for a bath, and air-conditioning that is all noise and no cooling. My friend and I (from UK) stayed here on two occasions, returning due to the warmth of the welcome, and simple details being attended to, such as the return bus stopping at the entrance, and help with language tuition. Ms Rhonda from UK moved from a $75-a-night spot to Lida, and reckoned she should have done so in the first place.A holiday needn’t be a big annual spend. For this value, decide on Thursday and travel on Friday. You might spend more in a meal on Phnom Penh’s River Front!

( Text from John Montgomery )

Contact: Tel 012953427 or 09077383816

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