Know the city to know where to sleep. ULAANBAATAR

Mongolia is one of the most unnoticed countries all over the world. Sadly, so it is Ulaanbaatar, its capital. Despite being directly connected to China and beautifully settled in a valley next to the Tuul river, the city is weirdly visited by foreign travelers. But many more would probably choose it as their destination if they knew all the different landmarks that the city is willing to offer them. Despite being raised in the Seventeenth Century, Mongolia’s capital is conformed by many buildings and monuments appeared during the last four centuries. That is why it is a city of contrasts, where the old Sukhbaatar District is mixed with the shocking Zaisan Memorial, built some years ago. Besides all these places of interest, the Winter Palace, Choijin Lama monastery or Gandan monastery, as well as different temples and museums, are tourist attractions of compulsory visit.

It may be due to the lack of tourists that Ulaanbaatar is not a quite well prepared city for receiving tourists. There are not many accommodation places, but just some hotels with no really cheap prices and so few bids. One of them is the Ulaanbaatar guesthouse, which is literally “one of the best and reliable teams in Mongolia that arrange budget accommodations and tours”.

Truth to be told, it is a pity that Mongolia does not count for many travelers as an interesting place to visit. Its history, reflected in every shadow of the city, is a strong reason, among many others, why it should be more crowded by curious, foreign visitors.

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