Know the city to know where to sleep. San Francisco



San Francisco is an amazing city which can be visited with no need of wasting huge amounts of money. Its location, its nearby islands, its famous bridge or its tram have attracted the attention of thousand of people since decades ago, becoming the city well known all around the world.

Because it awaits many tourists and visitors every year, it offers several accommodation places for a wide range of economic possibilities, from hotels and apartments to motels and hostels.

Accommodation in San Francisco is mostly placed in the North-East area of the peninsula, between California Street and Market Street, next to the Union Square and the American Conservatory Theater, placed in a shopping area. Despite there are quite expensive hotels in San Francisco, you can also find cheaper rooms, specially if you choose motels and hostels, which can be half the price of hotels and can provide similar facilities and all kind of basic comfort.

From WBR we strongly recommend you to visit San Francisco. We guarantee you will not be boring at all, the trip will absolutely please you and, if you decide to stay at your booked room for only sleeping at night after non-stop tours all through the city, we advise you to rent a motel or hostel room, which will satisfy both you and your pocket.

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