Know the city to know where to sleep. Rabat


In the Medina or in the Quartier Hassan, as well as in the Administrative District and Salé’s Medina, Rabat’s neighbouring city. All these areas are full of hotels, B&B, hostels, inns and local riads so that Rabat can be easily chosen as tourist destination. Accommodation is situated close to the shore and Bu Regreg river and, despite prices are not precisely cheap, they are neither exorbitant, so it is quite easy to find affordable rooms.

Whether accommodation prices can be somehow troubling, a determinant aspect which will please visitors and that will make them forget about any handicap is Rabat’s places of interest. Indeed, the city is full of landmarks and tourist attractions that will satisfy travelers and that will undoubtedly fulfill their expectatives. Hasan Tower, Chella necropolis, Agdal mosque or St. Peter of Rome’s Cathedral are some of the most remarkable examples, besides other interesting places, like the royal palace.

Moreover, Rabat is a city with ideal climate, tasty gastronomy and warm people. All in all, visiting Rabat will be a memorable experience. It’s not for nothing that such a pleasant stay makes tourists to recommend Morocco’s capital, which is being increasingly more and more well-known all over the world as one of the best traveling destinations.

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