Know the city to know where to sleep. New York


There is little to say about New York which has not been said yet. Its monuments, its streets, its stores, its buildings, its parks and its people turned it into one of the best known cities around the globe. Besides, year after year, it appears on the TOP 10 of best places in the world, both for living and also visiting. Being this renowned is not by chance: New York is one of the most well prepared places in the world for receiving tourists.

Indeed, all imaginable types of accommodation can be found in the largest USA city, although from WBR we recommend hotels, apartments, hostels and Condo Hostels (aparthotels), which can fit in any kind of pocket, despite being NY a quite expensive place.

Accommodation can be found anywhere in the city, but the most advisable area is Manhattan, where there are many rooms awaiting to be filled, as well as where the main tourist attractions are gathered.

It is easy to find accommodation places near important landscapes, such as the Empire State Building, important and crowded areas like Times Square or near the Grand Central Station. At first sight, prices can seem to be absolutely exorbitant but, if you take a deeper look, you can find good bids at nice hostels, although it always depends on the season you travel and the area you want to be accommodated in.

In general, in spite of not being a cheap city, travelling to NY does not have to be very expensive, if you take time at looking for your accommodation place and you think that being able to visit beautiful and unique places such as Broadway, Central Park or the MOMA deserves the traveler to sleep surrounded by little comfortability and unneeded luxury.

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