Know the city to know where to sleep. London

imageWhat do Virginia Woolf, Charles Chaplin, Keira Knightley, Elton John, Kate Moss or Oscar Wilde have in common? They were all born in London. Who has never ever wanted to visit the capital city of England and the United Kingdom? Its famous museums, its parks, its history and stories and its Christmas lights have turned it into one of the most visited city of the world.


When looking for accomodation, it has to be known that Sherlock Holmes’ city offers a huge range of possibilities. Despite of being known as one of the most expensive cities, there are some places which are quite cheap, although what is cheap may not always be comfortable or spotless. In fact, many cheap rooms are so simple, that the tenant will only use it at night, when it is time come in the room and look for the bed to get some sleep. Moreover, most of them are not in the centre, which is more expensive, as always. But London is a very well prepared city  -there is some reason why it receives milions of tourists every year. The underground is one of the simpliest to use of the globe and it is one of the best ways to move all through the city. Therefore, there is no problem if the visitor looks for a cheap accomodation outside the centre of the city.


It is widely advisable to start looking for accomodation around any park, from Hyde Park to Regent’s Park or Green Park, because it is near these places where there are more metro stops. As said, the metro will bring the tourist to the Parliament, to Trafalgar Square, to the Tower Bridge or to Baker Street with no trouble.


London is full of hotels and hostels, so the real problem will be pick one of them. So, when thinking about going to London, do not worry about your budget, but be concerned about starting your search some time before your trip and be absolutely patient during the process.

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