Know the city to know where to sleep. La Paz


Although Bolivia’s capital is Sucre, La Paz is the government’s headquarter, and this fact turns the city into a more important place that it could be at first sight. Besides, it is an important cultural city, as well as a remarkable place where to learn history, since there are many buildings raised during the colonial period, specially around Murillo square.

Indeed, Murillo square is one of the main tourist attractions of La Paz, so these are quite unavoidable buildings, as well as it is the Palace of the Government, situated in the same square. Apart from the square, the Metropolitan Cathedral or Basilica of San Francisco are interesting landmarks too. As said, colonialism is an important period of time of La Paz, so visiting its buildings and its related museums is absolutely compulsory. The south area is also worth a visit, specially because of its restaurants, malls and nightlife, which turn this area into an of the most appreciated among tourists.

Relative to tourists, La Paz has been thinking about them for the last decades, at least. Reaching one point or another of the city is a quite easy issue thanks to the bus terminal, designed by Gustave Eiffel, which also connects to other bolivarian cities and to foreign places, specially cities from Chile and Peru.

Accommodation is also easy to find, thanks to the several hotels, B&B and resorts that are extended through all the city. In general terms, prices are affordable for anyone. One of the most advisable places is Hostal Maya, in the centre area of the city and close to Basilica of San Francisco, it offers rooms at 9$ per night, a very special bid that you should take into consideration if you are planning to visit La Paz, which is a great idea that you will not regret.

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