Know the city to know where to sleep. Kyoto


The ancient capital of Japan is one of the best places for those who are seeking to meet with traditional Japanese culture. Indeed, Kyoto was the main city in the island for over a thousand years, so that is why any preconceived image about samurais, kimonos, katanas and geishas keeps the closest relation with this city. Besides, Kyoto was the only big city which was not bombed by the US army during the Second World War. So, when visiting Kyoto, travelers get the feeling of having gone back in time and being in the far away Past.

Even accommodation prices in Kyoto seem not to be from this period! It is quite easy to find dormitory rooms and guest houses where to spend the night for less than 5000 yen, which is around 40€ per night.  Guests are provided with comfortable rooms, discounts for a 3 nights stay and even mangas are available! Even though breakfast is not included, out of doubt that is an excellent bid.

Apart from hotels, hostels and apartments, ryokans are another interesting possibility of lodgment in Kyoto. They are traditional japanese buildings which offer their rooms with tatami floors, thermal baths, Japanese gardens and typical dishes. Since they are thought for Western tourists, they can be quite expensive, but they are worth it!

Whether you choose a ryokan or not, accommodation in Kyoto is widely spread through all the city, so that tourists can be close to places of interest anywhere they stay.  In fact, Kyoto is full of temples which are all considered as landmarks, apart from the Imperial Palace, the Kyoto National Museum, the Nijo Castle or the Arashiyama Monkey Park, which all deserve to be visited.

As you see, time in Kyoto has to be wasted enjoying its monuments and its beauty while stepping back to the Past!

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