Know the city to know where to sleep. Kuwait City.


Owning a hotel in Kuwait is, for many worldwide-known hotel companies, the evidence of their success. Indeed, Kuwait was partly destroyed by the Iraki army some years ago, and that is why the city needed to be urgently rebuilt. That is how its current impressive appearance can be explained. An appearance which will surprise Kuwait City’s visitors when they find such a modern city in the Persic Gulf, a desert area where dry summers last up to 8 months.

The city is well known thanks to its luxury and its magnificence, which are shared with many other neighbouring cities. Putting both richness and international companies together, it turns out that it is quite easy to find accommodation in Kuwait City, since from 2006 up to nine huge resorts have been set up, but  hotel rooms’ prices are only affordable for a tinny minority. Of course there might be some exceptions and bids can be found, but potential guests need to ask for prices and to compare them carefully.

Unoubtedly, Kuwait City in itself is the main tourist attraction and a good reason why it should be discovered. There are no many parks, museums or must-see monuments, but the city is worth a visit, specially for those tourists who are seeking something different, a place of big contrasts and awesome architecture.

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