Know the city to know where to sleep. Johannesburg

johannesburg_worldbestroomsEver thought about giving a chance on Jozi, also known as Jo’burg or JHB by its citizens? The only «global city» in Africa and the largest one in South Africa is well worth a visit. Johannesburg is a city full of contrasts, starting with its people -Blacks, Whites, Mulatos and Asians live in the city- and following with its spoken languages, which are Zulu, Sotho, English and Afrikaans.

Accommodation in Johannesburg is also included in this contrast feature. Indeed, this place is full of hotels, inns, hostels, B&B and apartments. They can be affordable for any type of budget and, although there are many expensive places, there are also quite cheap lodges which provide guests with free Wi-Fi, clean bathrooms, comfortable bedrooms, satellite TV, complete breakfasts and even the possibility of having idyllic views of this wonderful area.

Lodgment is spread all through the city, but there are many hotels and hostels close to different places of interest, such the Hillbrow Telkom Tower, a shopping area known as the Eastgate Shopping Centre, the Johannesburg Zoo or a business area called the Radio Park Studios. Johannesburg is also full of golf courses, and there are also many parks, like the Rhodes Park, and popular areas. The Apartheid Museum is also a must-see tourist attraction. The truth is that it is not a place where either to get bored or to regret a visit. Johannesburg is worth anyone’s holidays!

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