Know the city to know where to sleep. Hanoi

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Hanoi is an unfairly unknown city. But, it is because, first of all, it is the capital of a quite unnoticed country as Vietnam is. Secondly, because Hanoi itself is eclipsed by the most populated Vietnamese city: Ho Chi Minh. Nevertheless, Hanoi is a thousand-years- old city, an important place from an economic and a cultural point of view, and an awesome capital from the perspective of tourism.

Hanoi has many monuments and points of interest which will undoubtedly amaze travelers. Ba Dinh Square and Hanoi Citadel are examples of these tourist attractions, as well as Ha Noi Flag Tower, Ngoc Son Temple or Hoan Kiem Lake, close to the temple. Hanoi also has many interesting museums, like the Vietnam Revolution Museum or the National Museum of Vietnamese History,  which are of compulsory stop. Besides, the Ho Chi Minh Trail is a worldwide known route among motorists, that can also add to the trip.

Accommodation can be perfectly cheap, specially if guests compare prices to provided services. Indeed, hotels, hostels and guest houses offer their guests cozy and comfortable rooms with excellent services, such as Wi-Fi, TV, private bathroom and tasty breakfasts. Besides, lodgment is mostly divided among Hoan Kiem district and Old Quarter, so close to many of Hanoi interesting points.

Out of doubt, Hanoi deserves a chance. The city will fulfill any expectatives and, mora than that, it will probably surpass them. Be prepared, because once Hanoi will be a well-known city over the globe, no one will be willing to die without having visited it!

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