Know the city to know where to sleep. Caracas


Santiago de León de Caracas, better known as Caracas, is the capital city of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Long names that match perfectly with the long list of must-see places in there.

Apart from its exceptional geographical situation, close to a National Park called Waraira Repano and near the Caribbean Sea, Caracas has many to offer to its visitors. From its Botanic Garden and Los Caobos Park, to several museums, a National Gallery of Art and even a Ski lift called “Teleférico de Caracas”, turned into a tourist attraction. All that without mentioning its gastronomy and its culture, its people, its churches, its squares and its boulevards, as well as its shopping areas and its interesting buildings. Out of doubt, Caracas is an unmissable place.

Truth to be said, accommodation in the city is quite expensive. There are amazing hotels, which provide their guests with elegant interiors, gym and sauna, swimming pools and spa, free Wi-Fi, tasty breakfasts and TV service. But, unfortunately, they are all only affordable for those willing to spend hundreds of dollars per night…

Whether it is true that many travelers will have to make great efforts at the time of looking for affordable and properly accommodation, they will never regret them. Caracas is worth a visit and it will not disappoint anyone who gives it a chance!

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