Know the city to know where to sleep. Brussels.


Brussels is a smaller city than most of its neighbours in Europe, such as London, Paris or Rome, but it is organized in a way where everything is just where it is supposed to be, so that the visitor can not miss a thing.

When looking for accomodation, the centre of the city is, undoubtly, the most advisable area. The most important sightseeing points are concentrated over there, such as the famous Manneken Pis or the Grand Place. Furthermore, supermarkets, cinemas, chocolate shops, breweries, restaurants and museums are all located in that same area. As in any important city, there are several places offering great accomodation, being hotels the most  usual ones, which can offer different prices.

If you choose to rent a hotel or an appartment far from the centre, it can be cheaper, but there are not many things to do there. The most interesting points may be the European Parliament, located in the Schumman neigbourhood, and the Atomium, which is in Laeken, in the north-west of the city. In that case, the underground is a great advantage, because it is simple and it takes everywhere, so you can get easily to the centre. Even those sporty ones who don’t need to hurry can get to the centre on foot.

In conclusion, Brussels is a city which deserve to be visited and it is prepared for you to do it. The centre is the most appropriated area for being accomodated, specially if it is your first time in the city and your main  goal is to get to know it, so as not to miss anything.

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