Hotel marketing

Nowadays, the Internet is a key tool for the hotel sector. Advertising in the net or owning a web page give some advantages to the client which impact positively on the sector. Thanks to that, guests are not being limited by the accomodation’s timetables or they are not having comprehensive problems at having to phone abroad. Thanks to the net, both national and international clients abound and, even though the current crises, the sector keeps on growing. 

But being in the net is not enough. Being in there is just fulfilling the minimum, but if the information is not updated, if the page hasn’t good pictures or if the booking access is too complicated, it may happen that, even after being in the net, we will not gather fruits because we will not be making the most of it.

Another issue to take into account is how to manage comments on the accomodation. Offering the chance to give guests’ opinion or to vote on the quality of the accommodation is a great option, since future guests will trust much more personal impressions of others guests than those from the hotel itself. Therefore, providing the opportunity to give opinions on the web is fine, but comments must be properly managed. Some negative comments might affect future bookings, but it is not right to censor comments, even if it is so negative, because guests can spread their opinion through social media that we do not control. On the other hand, it is important to take into consideration the advice of customers and think about their opinions but, of course, without getting obsessed with them.

Finally, other websites can help us at being well positioned thanks. Although it may mean an extra expense, appearing in blogs, social networks or specialized pages will announce our offer and, surely, will promote our business growth.

Remember to book always direct in the accommodations website .  

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