French rustic & genuine countryside house

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You will taste the genuine life of the Berry countryside style. You will appreciate the charm of a house where  they elderly knew to build by themselves everything : of course nothing is straight, but you will be deghted to spend time in front of the large fire place and to sleep in beautifull bedrooms showing the old stones. You will be fresh dureing summer thanks to the thickness of walls and you will apreciate the quietness of the place.

The house is located in middle of a tiny village, with its big back garden and you have lovely neighbours (dutch, english and of course french). From april to june. Enjoy the the shade alongside the rivier in a preserved nature. You can fish or pick up crevisses. July. This is a welcoming countryside and warm, which is waiting for you, where the earth labour is intense in September. Enjoy the juicy tomatoes of neighbours. Pick up balckberries. Wild apples or pears are waiting alongside footpaths From october to november. Mushrooms are growing : cèpes de bordeaux, bollés, rosettes. Autumn is beutifull and conckers are ready to be picked up and cooked in pans in front of the fire place. From december to march.  It is a slightly frozen nature which is waiting for you with beautifull and clear milkyway at night. The fire place is the best. It is so quiet, that you will feel at the far end of the world.
For more information you can contact them at  or  0033673710536.
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