Nowadays, ecology is almost omnipresent in our lives. Recycling, reusing and not contaminating are words that we have learned and that we have increasingly incorporated into our routine. Therefore, the tourism sector is no exception: discover ecotourism.

Ecotourism (, is not anything but traveling without leaving a trace, preserving both nature and the environment as well as the culture of the visited country. It is a type of tourism which is becoming more and more popular, and everytime it is more offered by companies and more demanded by travelers. 

Ecotourism involves many factors, which have to be taken into account: from transports to the food or the activities, without forgetting about accomodation. Thus, jeeps are replaced by canoes, the visitor will eat typical food of the area and will make long rides on foot before returning to the cottage. It is not about touring following the country’s traditions, or refusing technological innovations. It is about safeguarding the environment and protecting local customs. That’s why this kind of traveling is usually more expensive than the usual tourism.

Ecotourism is mainly practiced in southern countries and areas especially valuable by its nature, which must be protected. Sustainable tourism is very common in places like the Amazon, the African savannah and in the Southeast Asia islands.

To all this, it should be joined that it is a very grateful type of tourism, as travelers tend to be more comfortable with the alternative they have chosen and local people appreciate receiving sensitivity to their country which, at the same time, impacts on the care of the planet we all share.

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