Culinary tourism

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“One can not think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”. That is what Virgina Woolf said at A room of one’s own, which makes sense to everyone, including  travelers. Maybe that is why culinary tourism was made up and it is so successful nowadays. Who refuses traveling while tasting different, probably exotic, foods and drinks?

Indeed, culinary tourism is probably much more practised and followed than thought. Truth to be told, any kind of traveling could be considered culinary tourism, since travelers consider eating an important matter at the time of picking up a destination, alongside basic things such as accommodation or the climate. But, there are not only specialised travelers who organise a trip thinking about what to bring to their mouths, since there are TV programmes which promote interesting culinary destinations, too. Even some companies offer trips where tourists can learn how to cook local dishes!

One of the strongest points of this type of traveling is that it is suitable to everyone. It not only offers a wide range of destinations -from Morocco to Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, or South and Central America- but it is not closed to only gourmets and experts, and anyone can enjoy being a culinary tourist. It really seems a tasty experience, doesn’t it?

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