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Budapest is a must-see city. Its History, from the Huns to the Communism period, without forgeting about the Nazi times, filled it with magic and turned it into a city…

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Christmas is just around the corner and maybe many people are willing to visit Santa’s land main city: Helsinki. After all, is in winter when it is more special, when…

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Amsterdam is a well known city thanks to many different things: from its architecture to its History, from its channels to its special quartiers, what makes Amsterdam join the “Most…

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Washington DC

Only a few cities in the world can offer around 50 landmarks conformed just by its monuments, religious temples, museums and art galleries. Among all them, of course, the White…

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Know the city to know where to sleep. La Valletta.

La Valletta is more than a Mediterranean capital. Besides being a perfect summer destination, Malta’s capital is also a wonderful place where to admire many of its architectonic samples. Indeed,…

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