Booking engine

Boost your direct bookings

The Availpro booking engine automatically adapts to your customer’s online environment (PC, tablet, mobile device). With the Availpro Smart Channel Manager, you can manage all of these environments from a single planning.


Your hotel’s website is your most profitable sales channel.

This booking engine will turn your website into your hotel’s most comprehensive and highest-yield shop window (price, information, etc.).

The Availpro booking engine is ready-to-use and available in 14 languages.

It has a range of features to cover all your needs: minimum stay, 3 nights for the price of 2, last-minute, breakfast included, etc. It also features advanced connection tracking tools so you can analyse the ROI of your online keyword campaigns and other marketing activities.

With Availpro, you can also place your booking engine among the search channels on your hotel’s page on TripAdvisor or on price comparison websites such as Kelkoo and trivago. This will put you on an equal footing with other distribution channels.

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