Know the city to know where to sleep. Belfast

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The capital of Northern Ireland is the fourteenth largest city of United Kingdom. What to say about Belfast when it is placed in an amazing country full of green landscapes, bathed by the angry Atlantic Ocean? Since any traveller will enjoy Ireland, Belfast is not an exception at all. And, because the city is aware of its attraction, it is well prepared for welcoming everyone.

Concerning accommodation, you may find from hotels and apartments, to B&B and guests houses. Despite being at the UK, Belfast is not an expensive city, so you can easily find good prices. There is not much price difference between hotels, B&B and guests houses –you can sleep anywhere for less than 50€–, although these last ones offer a fantastic Victorian style which could be missed in hotels.

Accommodation is mostly situated in the centre of Belfast, near important landmarks such as Belfast City Hall or Ulster Hall. Be aware that in the centre is more difficult to find cheap prices. These can be found near Queen’s University of Belfast and next to the Ulster Museum, which is a very famous one.

Ireland is always a pleasant country for those who love nature and tranquillity, so the visitor will find all these also in Belfast, as well as the typical environment which always goes with any important city.

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