Be quiet, enjoy the film… and travel to the movie!!!

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While it is true that films are generally fictional works, it is also true that all of them have been shot in existing places. Those trips we take after discovering a country through a film are called movie tourism. There are also different routes we can follow so as to feel like the characters in one of our favorite pictures, which are known as movie maps.

There are many countries and many cities which are examples of movie tourism. Year after year, these places receive a large number of travelers, who are driven by the possibility of visiting the setting area of worldwide known films. They are the so called set-jetters.

New Zealand is one of these countries. The small island has been generally overshadowed by Australia until the day that The Lord of the rings‘ production team decided to move there. From then on, tourism grew between 30 and 40% and this success made that films such as The Last Samurai or The Chronicles of Narnia were also shot in the island. This summer, New Zealand prepares to welcome new visitors after being the set of several The Hobbit sequences. These films were so useful to the country’s promotion that the government helped in the films production with tens of dollars, something controversial, since recently it had to cut $ 35 million from the education budget.

Another famous country for appearing on the big screen is England. The country has hosted films as renowned as A Clockwork Orange, V for Vendetta or Sherlock Holmes, the three of them shot in London, as well as blockbusters like Harry Potter. In this last case, there are even some movie maps which lead to visit different places where some scenes were shot, including the University of Oxford, Gloucester Cathedral and Lacock Abbey.

Another picture based on a best seller is The Da Vinci Code, which gave worldwide fame to Rome, the Italian capital, also known thanks to the Woody Allen’s film To Rome with love.

Precisely, one of Woody Allen’s films that gave global recognition to Barcelona was Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona. The city was also the backdrop for productions like All About My Mother, Salvador or Perfume: The Story of a Murderer.

But if there is a city that is usually on the screen, this is New York. The City, which only by itself receives millions of tourists every year, increases visitors thanks to attracting set-jetters after being the set of films like Manhattan, by Woody Allen, Gangs of New York, King Kong or the well-known Sex and the City and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

If our planet is already big enough in itself, having huge travelling possibilities, here you are original reasons to choose some special destinations among all existent countries. Who would have known that doing something as simple as watching a film could be decisive at the time of traveling!

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