Strategies to increase direct sales

commissions_worldbestroomsThe OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) are the first choice to the hotels to ensure the occupation. However, they are also the worst nightmare for the hotel with their commission bills at the end of the month. So hotels have to strive to implement strategies to increase direct sales.

Here we leave some tips that can significantly increase the income of the hotel.

Grant discounts to a limited audience

Contracts which establish price parity between hotels and the OTA don´t leave the hotel the possibility to offer better price on the hotel website itself. However, hotels can significantly improve their competitiveness by offering discounts to the audience, using, for example, their own social networks. On Facebook, the popular social network site can, for example, offer a limited discount just to his followers. The discount can be applied through a promotional code.

Offer value-added services

Include value-added services on the website itself is another effective way to get better contract offer without breaking the established parity with OTA. The hotel should use its website to provide potential customers extra services that encourage them to book through this channel.

Maintain regular contact with loyal customers

To build customer loyalty and achieve that future booking through the hotel website is essential to maintain regular communication with them. There are many ways to do this: you can send a mailing once a month reporting on the activities carried out on site or offering a special rate depending on occupation. Sometimes you can also send them the latest blog entry posted on the hotel.

Implementing a website designed to sell

Although it may seem obvious, it is not so: the website is the sales channel most hotels should strengthen to increase their direct bookings. But often they leave out or offer a user experience so negative that in practice bookings made through this channel are nonexistent.

The booking process via the website must be simple and quick. Even more than the booking process through the OTA.

It is also imperative that the website is available for phones, tablets and any other support, and that the booking engine is usable from any of these platform.

Manage the views of users to increase traffic to the website

When booking a hotel through an OTA, users get a list of hotels of similar price and often deciding consult the opinions of other users on opinion pages as TripAdvisor. This is a great opportunity for hotels to succeed in increasing traffic to your website.

It is therefore important that a large number of opinions and comments about the hotel and especially the hotel personally answer each of the comments posted by users. Personal attention is highly appreciated by users and help increase the number of people heading to the hotel’s website for more information and eventually book.

Be listed in as much hotel websites to increase the internet presence.

Internet is full of websites where your property can be listed, as Yelp, Craigslist, Worldbestrooms, and in this way you will have backlinks that will increase your internet presence and a easiest way to find your property website for the customers to reserve direct through you.

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